Expected Results

OVERSEE will realize an open vehicular IT platform that provides a protected standardized in-vehicle runtime environment and onboard access and communication point. Therefore, the main objectives of the OVERSEE platform will be IT security and dependability that means enforcing a strong level of isolation between independent applications and ensuring that vehicle functionality and safety cannot be harmed by any OVERSEE application.

OVERSEE will first carry out a requirement analysis based on a security risk and dependability analysis. It will then specify the in-vehicle platform architecture based on the following key elements:

  • Efficient resource virtualization that meets the stringent real-time and security requirements,
  • Trusted access to security services protected by a vehicular hardware security module,
  • Flexible trusted dynamic administration of application deployment, and
  • Monitoring capabilities based on a trusted point of control and observations (PCO).

OVERSEE will also specify and develop the capabilities that are needed to validate future open platform implementations. This will involve assurance approach, validation tools, and run-time building blocks. Finally, OVERSEE will realize at least two novel ICT applications to proof the feasibility of the projected approach.