Communication, Openness, Security


OVERSEE acts as a single point of access to the vehicle network. Therefore, the OVERSEE platform will provide multiple communication interfaces that allow application providers to simply build connections to internal and external sources. On the other hand, OVERSEE will give the vehicle manufacturers and suppliers the freedom to specify the rules for these communications.


OVERSEE is secure in a way that the interfaces to vehicular internal and external networks are protected against passive and active attacks. Hence, the OVERSEE platform will be equipped with a firewall enforcing the compliance of communications with the configured security policies. The OVERSEE architecture design allows each vehicle manufacturer or supplier to define security policies that ensure privacy and restrict access to the networks, according their needs.
In addition, OVERSEE offers a secure and dependable runtime environment and the capability for secure and non-deniable recording. Moreover, OVERSEE provides to the application developers Hardware Security Module-based security services over a standardized programming interface as well as validation support.


OVERSEE is open in a way that the platform provides protected runtime environments for the simultaneous execution of multiple OEM and also non-OEM applications (like applications for mobile phones).
This allows the development of platform- and vehicle-independent automotive applications (e.g., open source projects). Basis for these future applications will be an open and standardized Application Programming Interface (API).