The OVERSEE project is a 30 month research project started in January 2010 with an ambitious but also realistic working plan. The roadmap considers the urgent demand for a standardized and generic application and communication platform in the automotive industry as well as the need for a deep involvement of all stakeholders of ITS especially in the analysis and design phase of the project.



Project start, January 2010

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

Henry Ford

Hence the OVERSEE project is an international project of considerable size (8 partners from 4 European countries) the biggest milestone is probably a successful project start. Therefore, we are glad to report that the project is running and all partners working strongly together towards the first project result "Requirements documents" in June 2010.

Requirements documents, June 2010

Within the first six months of the OVERSEE project the members of the consortium undertake a deep analysis of the requirements for an open and secure application and communication platform for innovative automotive applications. Therefore, especially the involvement of the members of the advisory board representing a wide range of stakeholders in the automotive field will be strongly considered.

The results of the requirement analysis will be fixed in the following documents:

  • Initial version of the functional dependability and security requirements document
  • Initial version of the non-functional requirements and constraints document

Platform design, December 2010

Based on the requirements from the first milestone the consortium starts the design of the overall architecture of the OVERSEE platform. The design will respect especially the automotive constraints. Another main aspect will be the decision towards (also reusable) building blocks and the consideration of validation support.

The results of the design phase will be fixed in the following documents:

  • List of interfaces and specification of information flow in and through OVERSEE
  • Specification of security services incl. virtualization and firewall mechanism.
  • Description of building blocks; interfaces and localization of building blocks
  • Specification of secure communication
  • Definition of the requirements for validation of OVERSEE implementations
  • Selection for reuse of existing building blocks

Platform implementation, December 2011

Since the goal of the OVERSEE project is not only providing a specification but also a platform implementation for demonstrating the feasibility of an open and secure application and communication platform for vehicles, the second year of the project is dedicated to the platform implementation. Hence the consortium will develop the software and hardware building blocks based on the 'Platform design' from the second milestone.

Besides the physical implementation the results of the platform implementation phase will be fixed in the following deliverables:

  • Resource management layer implementation and implementation description
  • Security services implementation and implementation description
  • Merging resource management and security services into a security kernel

Validation support, March 2012

The OVERSEE implementation produced within this project is of course only one implementation thinkable for the OVERSEE specification. To create a new market of OVERSEE implementations a validation support for OVERSEE implementations will be provided by the consortium. Naturally, also the platform implementation of the project will be evaluated by use of the validation support.

The results of the validation support will be fixed within the following deliverables:

  • Assurance approach
  • Validation tool and test suit
  • Run-time support for validation
  • Integrated validation support

Proof of concept, June 2012

To show the real life feasibility and the benefits for innovative automotive applications the OVERSEE consortium implements exemplary use cases for the proof of concept. The demonstrations will be done on a real-life implementation of the OVERSEE platform deployed within a real-life vehicle. Additionally, the consortium will publish the necessary tools and documentation to develop applications for the OVERSEE platform. This will be the starting point for a new emerging market of innovative and vehicle independent automotive applications.

The results of the proof of concept phase will be fixed within the following deliverables:

  • Proof of Concept Implementation / Implementation and Documentation of the Proof of Concept components
  • Tools and Documentation for OVERSEE application development