This list shows the public deliverables which will be generated by the OVERSEE project.

Del. no. Deliverable Name Delivery Date
D1.1 Use Identification (Final Draft) [pdf] April 2010
D1.4 Functional requirement analysis (Final Draft) [pdf] August 2010
D1.5 Non-Functional requirement analysis (Final Draft) [pdf] August 2010
D2.1 List of interfaces and specification of information flow in and through OVERSEE. (Final Draft) October 2010
D2.2 Specification of security services incl. virtualization and firewall mechanism. (Final Draft) December 2010
D2.3 Description of building blocks; interfaces and localization of building blocks. (Final Draft) December 2010
D2.4 Specification of secure communication. (Final Draft) December 2010
D2.5 Definition of the requirements for validation of OVERSEE implementations. (Final Draft) December 2010
D3.1 Selection for reuse of existing building blocks. (Final Draft) December 2010
D3.2 Resource management layer implementation and implementation description September 2011
D4.1 Assurance approach December 2011
D4.2 Validation tool and test suite December 2011
D4.3 Run-time support for validation December 2011
D4.4 Integrated validation support March 2012
D5.1 Proof of Concept Use Case Selection / Report describing the selected use cases and misuse cases for the PoC December 2010
D5.2 Proof of Concept Specification / Report containing the behavioral and structural specification of the PoC May 2011
D5.3.2 Tools and Documentation for OVERSEE application development April 2012
D6.1 Platform Integration and Testing / Integrated applications within the mode and real car prototype, documentation and integration test results February 2012
D6.2 Prototype Demonstration / demonstration event and report on the event May 2012
D7.1 Dissemination material July 2010
D7.3 OVERSEE Results June 2012
D8.3 Final public report June 2012